France Macaron

A traditional artisanal quality macaroon, without gluten or conservatives and a real recipe rich in almond powder, with less sugar and stringently selected ingredients.
We roast the pistachios in our factory, we only use chocolate from Ecuador from certified origin… and vanilla from Madagascar. The objective is to sell these macaroons at an affordable price for end consumers.


Our history

France Macaron confection à la main de macarons

After working alongside his mother in a restaurant in the 2nd Arrondissement of Lyon, developing dessert menus, Olivier Malingréau went abroad to present his expertise. He opened several pastry shops and tea rooms in Uruguay and the USA.

In 2010, he created a macaroon factory in Lyon. Around 40,000 macaroons are produced every day thanks to the ten or so employees who work in the factory.

Today, Olivier Malingréau’s macaroon company offers high quality products with choice ingredients, without gluten or kosher when required, whilst sticking to an artisanal recipe. New flavours are constantly being invented so as to offer a diverse range of macaroons with sweet and savoury recipes.