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Our sweet macaroons

Macaron Framboise France Macaron

Come and taste all of the classic macaroons in a range whcih will please everyone.

Macaron Myrtille France Macaron
Fruit flavours

Come and discover the taste of your favourite fruits in our range of fruit-flavoured macaroons

Macaron Kiwi Banane France Macaron

Here you will find exotic flavours in a range of macaroons designed to make you travel

Macaron Chocolat Praliné France Macaron

For gourmet lovers amongst you, here is our range of chocolate macaroons

Macaron Tiramisu France Macaron
Original flavours

Your curiosity will lead you to discover the range of original macaroons. Surprise your guests!

Macaron Barbapapa France Macaron
Macaroons from our childhood

Find the flavours deeply rooted in your childhood in our range of gourmet macaroons

Macaron Chocolat Orange France Macaron
Ephemeral sweet treats

Discover our selection of limited edition sweet macaroons

Our savoury macaroons

Macaron Chèvre miel France Macaron
Savoury flavours

Between sweet and sweet and savoury, the choice will be tough.

Macaron Saint Marcellin Cerise noire France Macaron
Ephemeral savoury treats

Keep an eye on our new limited edition macaroon releases

Our alcoholic macaroons

Macaron Pina Colada France Macaron
Alcoholic treats

For adults who want to taste a macaroon tasting of their favourite alcoholic beverage.

Our kosher macaroons

Macaron Casher Mangue Passion France Macaron

Discover our range of kosher certified macaroons

We have an even wider range with much sought-after recipes such as chorizo cream, goat’s cheese and thyme, sweet and savoury magret of duck or banana and chocolate, champagne, sweet lavender and some which come back from time to time… so do not miss out and keep an eye on their release as a limited edition.

As we are constantly undergoing development and releasing surprises, often we will select a flavour or recipe that you have submitted to us and the winner will have his or her photo on our homepage if he/she accepts (yes, this is how celebrity status starts)!!

So do not hesitate, the suggestions box is far from full.